How do we digest a truth bomb? How do we take something that is said to us—that may seem hurtful—and use it to fuel us and make a change?

During a session with my guru, I learned a big truth bomb. I am taking this truth, running with it, and seeing what happens.

The truth is meant to grow you, not stop you.

Take a peek…

Confusing Statements

Here’s the deal: Most of the time, words and actions must be congruent. This simply means do people DO what they SAY?

Words can give you hope. So, I also want to stress that you shouldn’t adopt some “waiting for the shoe to drop” attitude. Or think, “Oh yeah, let’s see if you deliver on that!” No, that is not cool. Don’t be jaded.

The goal is to listen to what people say, believe them, and just see what happens.

See What Happens

No more “grandiose loving” for me. I will simply let someone know how I feel—honestly and openly—and see what they do with that. I can’t love enough for the both of us. Control is not the goal, even if sometimes we are controlling in the most loving of ways.

You must know what you’re up to.

Remember: Love is a two-way street.