I did almost everything single thing on the list below – to myself and others – and what I realized is I was f**ng miserable. They were like little mind magnets – something bad would happen or someone would trigger me and one (or all) of these were in full effect:

Blaming. Comparing. Needing to be right. Needing approval. Dwelling on the past. Trying to be perfect. Gossiping about others. Saying, “I’m too old…” Saying, “It's too late…”

Save this list somewhere. I even made it into an image you can download. Awesome, right? And notice if you are doing even one of these. Remember it’s totally ok …  it’s just a way you are coping right now. The cool part is we can change the way we cope. But you have to know what you are up to.

So…what are you up to?

What do you do when you get disappointed, fearful, or sad? And know where you can go. Here’s what shifts can become possible …


Blaming can become forgiveness. Comparing can become focusing on yourself fully. Needing to be right can become listening more. Needing others approval can become trusting you are enough already. Dwelling on the past can become committing to living in the present. Trying to be perfect can become charting your progress. Gossiping about others can become talking honestly about your own life. Saying, “I’m too old…” can become seeing how wise you really are. Saying, “It's too late…” becomes knowing you are exactly where you need to be.

And I made this as an image, too. So download, add it to your camera roll, and start living it – right now.

Make your a-ha moment not just a head nod – make it an action.

Know Thyself + Do Something Different

So what’s one thing you can do differently this week? I believe in you and I want to know. Email me or leave a comment below.