Pure Love 2

“Pure love is a willingness to give without a thought of receiving anything in return.” I read that quote and thought, well…of course. Then I paused and said to myself, I am loving, very loving, but is it pure? Well….that’s questionable.

I began to notice if when I love purely, as the Peace Pilgrim says, does it really matter if anyone notices, says anything, or gives anything in return. Well, I realized that I always crave some sort of acknowledgement. So, according to the above definition my love is not pure. Well, if you didn’t know, I am human. Yep #truth. However, I am making more of an effort to just give love without keeping score or needing anything in return because that is how I want or rather intend to roll. Now I don’t want that to sound ‘hippy dippy’ because that ain’t Di, but I am making some intentions around love. Note the word intentions as opposed to things I want to do. When I say I want, I often don’t make it happen.

I intend to show up for someone not because I want them to show up for me, but rather just to be there unconditionally for people, if I am able.

I intend to let my partner know how cherished they are, going the extra mile in order to accept them, and not because I want them to accept me or do for me. I do it because acceptance is a huge value for me and a huge component on the DiStyle path to pure love.

I intend to connect and apologize to a dear friend not because I want the friendship to be the way it was but rather to release the negativity I carry around with me; it is not healthy and is most certainly not pure love.

Pure love to me means really not needing anything back and not in a I don’t need anything back because no one will give it to me anyway kind of mentality which is actually a defense that keeps love away. Um, been there, done that, and bought every damn t-shirt. I am learning to trust that the more I love without an agenda the more I WILL RECEIVE. #2014Realness (((LOVE THAT))).


Fine Print: For most of my life my love was not pure. In fact, I think it was often manipulative because I wanted to be accepted by who I respected. Instead, I say, accept yourself unconditionally, and you will receive respect AND LOVE.


Naked Inquiry: Where can you apply some pure love?