When I lost love, I turned my breakdown into a breakthrough.
And now I help others do the same.

At first, I was super depressed about all the wasted time, the blind spots I should have seen, and hopeless because everyone was married and well into their baby making years. It felt easier to opt out and focus on other things until something dawned on me…

And that was exactly where I focused. Truth is, I was not the best at receiving love. In fact, I often sabotaged it, beginning with how I treated myself. So, I set out to create a healthier kind of love and quickly learned that losing love meant finding myself. I was so glad I did.

And now I help others do the same.

Live Love Mastery

Giving you all the tools I wish someone had given me.

I was the master of readings, retreats, coaching sessions, workshops--you name it. I was determined to figure out this thing called love and the path of my own life. 

But, let’s face it. Often, we read about love, long for it, but do we know how to create it?

Perhaps you are in a relationship and want more from your partner but feel hopeless or terrified to voice that reality. It’s hard to create change when you have been in a relationship for a long time. I get it. Or you want a relationship but don’t know where to start. I get that, too.

In addition to relationships with others, let’s be honest:

THE most important relationship is the one with yourself.

This is the secret sauce.
This is what allows you to survive in times of adversity and eventually thrive.
This is the most important part of your journey. 

In addition to being that amazing business woman, mother, or wife what will you create that is all about your needs? 

Remember, there is nothing needy about having needs.

Often, as women, our relationship with ourselves become unimportant. Does this sound familiar?

  • You, lovingly, put everyone else first.
  • You feel guilty doing things for yourself.
  • You stop calibrating your needs, because you don’t think it matters.
  • You think doing for others is doing for yourself because it feels good.

But your self-worth lies in what you do for yourself.

You and I will we navigate the tides of both finding love and keeping love, the love of yourself, and others. I am with you, in the trenches.  In the pursuit of your own happiness, I want you to find love and keep it.

No longer will you be wanting a better life, you will be living it.

Let’s create mastery for your loves, your life, and everything in between.

In yoga, we say: Take the practice off the mat and into your everyday life. But do you or do you wish you could?

Look at your nightstand table…

Perhaps Eckhart Tolle's The Power of Now sits there and you get a high from reading it, but how do you live it?

Do you always have one parenting book on your Kindle but when your child presses your buttons all the techniques go out the door? How do you nurture and grow when you are triggered and reactive? Its tough stuff, I know.

How often do you give the best advice but can’t take your own advice?


If you are ready for real, transformative change and implementing it—on the daily—then this is ((so)) for you:

Live Love Mastery

Giving you all the tools I wish someone had given me.

I know what you are thinking: In many ways I am happy. I have a career I love, or my partner fulfills me, or I have two beautiful children I adore—whatever it may be for you.

You may not be wondering what you wanna be when you grow up, or worried about where your next paycheck is coming from, but still something is missing, and you can’t put your finger on it. Or you are going through a major transition and can’t see to the other side.

You are stuck in, what I call: I’ll be happy when…mentality. I promise you this is a myth.

Feeling fulfilled starts and ends with YOU.

  • You read everything you can on love and you know a lot.
  • All your friends are married, so meeting people is challenging.
  • You may be married but you are so unfulfilled, so you tell yourself to “just accept what will not change.”
  • You are committed to being the mother you wish you had, but have no clue where to start when it comes to prioritizing yourself in the equation.
  • You aren't sure if you even want a family because relationships are so disappointing or mediocre you prefer time by yourself as opposed to settling.
  • You have given up hope and just spend time wishing something would change and are overwhelmed at where to start so you don’t.

This is where I come in.

I help you move forward and create a life you desire—full out.

I want you to love yourself unconditionally while you love others.

Co-creation includes:

  • The Di Date: This deep diving session helps you get clear on what you want from your everyday life. We find out what’s in your way, and why. We begin to get clear on all that you are capable of.
  • Three, One-Hour, private calls each month designed to focus on your plan of the week. We talk about your wins, where you need more support, and everything in between so you can begin to get clear on going after what you want.
  • Two SOS calls: For those times when you want to throw the towel in—don’t. Call me first, and we will turn the breakdown into a breakthrough.
  • Weekly Master Minds: Each week, I will pick an idea from one of the masters of thought, while giving you a concrete, actionable step to implement it in your own life.
  • DiStyle Rolodex: Access to my list of people that raise me up and move me forward so you can build your trust team. Community is key.
  • VIP guest at any Realness Creates Ambience event: You will be my special guest so you can expand your social circle and move out of your comfort zone—to where the magic happens.
  • Unlimited email so you can be consistently supported. A place to bounce ideas, have accountability so that you can keep moving action forward.

I take out all the feelings of overwhelm and fear. Instead, I add in self-worth, confidence, and endless support so you can live all that you know and practice—full out.

It is all about action. And I help you take your first step towards creating a life you desire. Think of me as your co-pilot.

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I’m Di Ana. I was once where you were. In my 30's I was rockin’ a hot bod, engaged to the man of my dreams, and had a kick ass career.

But, I felt like I was failing, and the pressure of trying to keep everything perfect was eating me alive inside. I was convinced I would be happy when….

The problem was I didn’t know that the I’ll be happy when… mentality was a set-up. And let me tell you, reality came crashing down.

Six months before my wedding, I came home to find that my fiancé no longer wanted to marry me. He kept saying, “We can’t get married” as if I should know this, but all I knew was that I was now alone, and no idea who I really was or what I wanted.

What followed was a lot of searching for answers. How did this happen? How can I assure it never happens again? I went to a lot of therapy, I exercised like a mad woman, went on many retreats, and I even saw a psychic folks—for real.

One day, on the treadmill, I was listening to Landslide (how good is that song?) and it hit me. This lyric: “Well, I’ve been afraid of changing cause I built my life around you.” Bam! Thank you Stevie Nicks!

I had built my life around other people—their expectations of me.

I decided to put in the work to find out what I wanted: a job I love, a mate that truly got me, food in my fridge that made me feel healthy, friends who valued my straight talking’ ways, and a life that made me excited to get out of bed each morning.

I set out to thrive on my own terms.

I owned what I brought to the table. I accepted that I was human and flawed and that my vulnerability was strength. In short, I got real with myself.

I changed my own history and now I help other people do the same.

Here’s the deal: often, we don’t know even where to begin, right? We get stuck in the same old routine and feel guilty that we want to have our cake and eat it, too.

The best part is you have all the resources you need to succeed!

Take a peek at what some other Live/Love Masters have to say:

Because of Di Ana I figured out how to hire an entertainment lawyer who contacted a major Hollywood director and Di Ana guided me through the process until that director was sitting in a chair watching a reading of my musical! And he loved it! Before Di Ana I had given up on this “unrealistic” dream. Di Ana makes the impossible possible again and she dwells – always – in possibility. She is extraordinary! Work with her. You’ll be glad you did.

Robert Y.

There is nothing small about what Di Ana holds for you.  With clarity and warmth, she marries intuition and very practical solutions seamlessly and successfully.  For those in search of a way to move forward in a deep (and I think lasting) way, Di Ana’s your gal.  No matter how crafty the messages to compromise or bailing on a dream sound, Di Ana won’t back down—in the nicest and most reliable way.

Kate G.

So, let’s get to it, shall we? Together, let’s create mastery for your loves, your life, and everything in between.

You are not alone. I am psyched to take this journey with you. You are so ready.