When I lost love, I turned my breakdown into a breakthrough.

And now I help others do the same.

At first, I was super depressed about all the wasted time, the blind spots I should have seen, and hopeless because everyone was married and well into their baby making years. It felt easier to opt out and focus on other things until something dawned on me…

And that was exactly where I focused. Truth is, I was not the best at receiving love. In fact, I often sabotaged it, beginning with how I treated myself. So, I set out to create a healthier kind of love and quickly learned that losing love meant finding myself. I was so glad I did.

And now I help others do the same.

Giving you all the tools I wish someone had given me.

I was the master of readings, retreats, coaching sessions, workshops–you name it. I was determined to figure out this thing called love and the path of my own life.

But, let’s face it. Often, we read about love, long for it, but do we know how to create it?

Perhaps you are in a relationship and want more from your partner but feel hopeless or terrified to voice that reality. It’s hard to create change when you have been in a relationship for a long time. I get it. Or you want a relationship but don’t know where to start. I get that, too.

In addition to relationships with others, let’s be honest:

THE most important relationship is the one with yourself.
This is the secret sauce.
This is what allows you to survive in times of adversity and eventually thrive.
This is the most important part of your journey.

In addition to being that amazing businesswoman, mother, or wife what will you create that is all about your needs?

Remember, there is nothing needy about having needs.

Often, as women, our relationship with ourselves become unimportant.

  • You, lovingly, put everyone else first.
  • You feel guilty doing things for yourself.
  • You stop calibrating your needs because you don’t think it matters.
  • You think doing for others is doing for yourself because it feels good.

But your self-worth lies in what you do for yourself.

You and I will we navigate the tides of both finding love and keeping love, the love of yourself, and others. I am with you, in the trenches.  In the pursuit of your own happiness, I want you to find love and keep it.

No longer will you be wanting a better life, you will be living it.

Let’s create mastery for your loves, your life, and everything in between.

I take out all the feelings of overwhelm and fear. Instead, I add in self-worth, confidence, and endless support so you can live all that you know and practice—full out.

It is all about action. And I help you take your first step towards creating a life you desire. Think of me as your co-pilot.

Are you ready to turn your breakdowns into breakthroughs?

Schedule a 30 minute Di Date and I guarantee you will leave our first call armed with a few new tools.