The Kidz Coach

Welcome to Live Love/Mastery (for Parents + the Kidz they love)

We all want our children to be the best they can be, right? I don’t think anyone has the intention of making their child anything but thriving and happy.

But somehow our children become:

  • Critical of themselves.
  • They opt out.
  • They have difficulty managing social pressures.

And, as parents, we wish we could allow them to see their brilliance, or the perspective that would make it all brighter – but we can’t.

Children need to learn for themselves.

As the Kidz Coach, I have taught children how to:

  • grow from their mistakes
  • vocalize their feelings
  • be mindful of how they react to siblings + friends
  • live more self-aware little lives.

At the same time, I found many of my Kidz (especially my teenagers) saying:

“Why do I need to…

  • grow from my mistakes, learn to go to ‘feedback not failure,’
  • communicate my feelings, and not blow up when things don’t go my way,
  • be nicer to my siblings and understanding of others,
  • and do my #DeeperWork

but my parents ((never)) do? Instead, my parents:

  • won’t admit any sort of mistake or flaw. They act like they are perfect.
  • fight with one another, never communicate their feelings without telling me what I need to fix – they never listen to me.
  • they don’t even talk to their siblings – talk meanly about their family, but want me to be different,
  • and I don’t think they know what #DeeperWork even means.”

Well I was floored by this truth. And I also heard (loud and clear):

“Di Ana, you tell me to do all these things and I feel like my parents don’t show me how.”

Well, as Gandhi says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”   Therefore, we need to be the change we want for our kids.

So, thanks to my incredible, beyond intuitive Kidz, I changed how I work to benefit your family.

The Kidz Coach is a team sport.  

I know what you may be thinking – “How does this help my kid?” The answer is simple: because who we are as parents is who are children become. This is how children begin to learn – they see it modeled in their parent.  This is how we all do, what I call, our deeper work.

Why?? Because I want the best for YOU and your entire future family tree.

Here’s the deal:

The more self aware you become, the more emotionally intelligent your child becomes.
The more you are able to handle anxiety and stress, the more zen your child becomes.
The more diligent you are, the more of a risk taker your child will be.
The more you communicate, the better your child will be at expressing themselves.
The more accepting you are of yourself, the easier your child will be on themselves.

And you both deserve to be HAPPY.

“So, what exactly do I get when Di Ana joins our family?” Great question!

Here’s the skinny:

  • Parent Coaching (via phone) This customized session is designed for you to ask questions, voice concerns, gain strategies, and create an action plan.  In short: turn wounds to wisdom, and write the history for your family that will allow you to look back knowing you gave your child everything you could and they will do better because you did better.
  • SOS Calls – 2 calls each month for those moments of crisis or when you need a life line. In 10 minutes, we get you back in the driver’s seat.
  • Unlimited Email to support you in strategizing plans, sharing wins, and tackling challenges, in real time – at anytime. You never have to go at it alone.
  • Weekly Email Boosts designed to keep you on point and your family thriving.

Plus, Kidz Coaching (in person) is available for my Manhattan based parents after parents begin coaching. You have everything you need to succeed!

You deserve to thrive and a family that flourishes. 

I know because I have been there. My mom put her happiness on hold when I was growing up. It was as if there was a guilt in doing for herself, furthering her dreams, and admitting her failures. When I moved to NYC (after college) I didn’t know how to cope and when failure hit, my self-worth went down the gutter.

As I look back, I realize I wasn’t given the tools to cope, reset, risk and celebrate my wins and leverage my losses. They were never modeled for me.

Now I give parents the tools. I understand the hustle and bustle of family life: endless activities, daily household chores, careers, running errands, etc. That’s why I make it achievable and I make it fit your lifestyle – where you are at as a thriving family.

When you thrive, your children flourish.

I work with parents to make sure their children have all they need to succeed while parents create a life they love, build relationships that enhance their life, and make parenting a part of an ever abundant whole.

Ready to get started with a customized action plan, unlimited support, and weekly tools + tips to help you tackle challenges, stay resilient, and part of a family filled with possibility, creativity, and constant growth?

I’ll also let you in on a little secret: There is no perfect formula for perfect parenting. There is no such thing. And perfection is never the goal. You do not have to read every parenting book under the sun and have all the answers. You don’t need to parent perfectly. You just need a willingness to keep moving forward.

I am along for the ride, every step of the way – making it easier and making it doable.

Click here to schedule a Di Date to see what I can do for you and your family. I am excited to know you!

When you thrive, so will your children. You are so ready.