Have you ever wondered...

  • How to handle your child’s meltdown without feeling guilty if “mean mommy” comes out in aisle four next to the cheddar bunny crackers?
  • What are the best words to help your child’s social struggles as they fit in at school or with friends? You’ve been there and it’s heartbreaking to see them down. You want to fix it, but how?
  • Technology. Oh, technology. We see the disconnected attitude that makes it seem like you will never have a real conversation again. How do you parent the devices?

Listen, you’re a good parent. No one can know everything, but you do need to know where to go for support and strategy.  

And the thing is, parenting never ends - and neither does the learning. You simply need support.

Because it’s not about reading 28 parenting books, attending an all-day workshop, while taking care of your family - and keeping your needs in the equation (which is actually critical to your child’s happiness!)

You need a parenting 9-1-1 that actually hears you and creates doable action steps - right now.

(And finally allows you to stop worrying that you are becoming your mother.)

Kid-1-1 Has You Covered

Here’s how…

  • Step 1: Tell me your parenting challenge. Then we’ll get crystal clear on when and why it’s happening.
  • Step 2: We will look at how you are reacting. What’s triggering the reaction. And decide which reactions work and which ones you can kick to the curb - for good.
  • Step 3: Create a concrete action plan for what you can do to to change the outcome.

Plus, we will uncover the key strategies to keep you on track so you don’t slip into old patterns and how you can easily apply them to other parenting struggles so you are fully supported - always!

Because Rome wasn’t built in a day and parenting is the biggest job you’ll ever have - lasting a lifetime with no certification or manual along the way (not to mention, little to no vacation time).

Isn’t it time you had the strategies and support you deserve? (Yeah, I think so, too.)

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After 15 + years coaching children, I stopped and revamped my mission. I decided to change two generations, at the same time. Many experts told me this was impossible. They said parents are not willing to take a deeper look at themselves - they just want their child “better.”


I have found parents ready and willing to take a deeper look. Parents willing to accept that raising happiness is so much more than getting good grades or being the best soccer player.
For years, I saw so many parents willing to do anything for their children, but not for themselves.

My mission is to help you understand that what your children need most is to see you living your best life.

Here’s what people are saying about Di Ana:

“We think of Di Ana as the ‘kid whisperer’. Her sensitivity and insight provide tremendous inspiration for the parenting journey.  We can’t recommend her enough.” - Cynthia

Di Ana has this magical ability to hear any challenge we have had with our kids, and to then immediately present us with an out-of-the-box approach to help us work together to meet the challenge. Di Ana has helped us jump the most epic hurdles!” - Rachel