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Di Ana is in the trenches with you. It is what differentiates her from the fluff. She heads off any kind of voyeurism by pointing the finger (in a totally non-aggressive way) back at the reader. That’s the really skillful bit. The reader becomes the hero in her story by encouraging them to re-write the next chapter. We can only do that after we’ve stripped ourselves down, and accepted vulnerability; learning to bend rather than break. Lao Tzu meets Marina Abramovic via John Cassavetes. An exercise in pure nakedness. It’s alchemical, real, and compelling in an utterly modern way.
– Tony Eddicott

“Di Ana is a rock star, end of story.  She is the most insightful, caring, and knowledgeable coach I have ever met.  She will change your life.”
– Lisa Clampitt, President of the Matchmaking Institute & Club VIP Life

“Di Ana has been working with my daughter (Ali) since she was 17 months old. My daughter is now 15.  Di Ana has not only been an excellent coach for Ali, she also has been able to guide Ali through the various stages of her life providing her with advice, wisdom, and encouragement. Di Ana proved to be the one person Ali turns to when she needs to talk TO SOMEONE SHE CAN TRUST. Di Ana is her educator, friend, and sage. She has helped shape Ali into the kind, respectful, curious, and talented young girl she is today.”
Laura Slatkin

“Because of Di Ana I figured out how to hire an entertainment lawyer who contacted a major Hollywood director and Di Ana guided me through the process until that director was sitting in a chair watching a reading of my musical! And he loved it! Before Di Ana I had given up on this “unrealistic” dream. Di Ana makes the impossible possible again and she dwells – always – in possibility. She is extraordinary! Work with her. You’ll be glad you did. 
Robert Yarnall

“We think of Di Ana as a “kid whisperer.” Her sensitivity and insight provide tremendous inspiration for the parenting journey. After our son endured a traumatic medical experience, he recovered physically, but But Di Ana’s support has been crucial to his emotional recovery. We can’t recommend her enough.”
–Cynthia Vance

“Di Ana helps brighten this world that has seemed far too dark for far too long. And the best part, she shares that gift with me! She shows me how I can turn the light on myself when I forget that’s possible. Just thinking of how she has helped me this past year makes me believe in possibilities.”
—Steve Pacek

“Without Di Ana, I truly feel I would never have been able to even scratch the surface of what I am capable of. At the same time, she is gently peeling away layers of sadness; low self esteem, past mistakes, and fear to find the core of who you truly are. She challenges you to go outside the box. I have been given such a gift to be able to have someone walk beside me on this crazy, insane journey to adulthood. And I promise you Di provides an amazing, gentle, and beautiful road to that change.”
–Marisa Fratto

“Di Ana’s visit was the highlight of my boys’ week.  Through innovative play, Di Ana was able to draw out the fun and serious sides of their personalities.  She also taught my wife and I ways to keep the communication flow openly and alive as the boys matured.”

“Di Ana gave my children a positive perspective about themselves!”
–Mila Tuttle

“There is nothing small about what Di Ana holds for you.  With clarity and warmth, she marries intuition and very practical solutions seamlessly and successfully.  For those in search of a way to move forward in a deep (and I think lasting) way, Di Ana’s your gal.  No matter how crafty the messages to compromise or bailing on a dream sound, Di Ana won’t back down—in the nicest and most reliable way.”
–Kate Goehring

“I can only think of Di Ana as the one, loving, giving, and caring person that is in our daughter’s life that puts so much of herself into making her grow in every way! We are so thankful to have her in our lives!”
–Anouschka Izmirlian Demsey

“Di Ana is truly one-of-a-kind.  She has a way of connecting with and motivating people that is amazing to behold.  She is a person of great authenticity, passion and insight, and anyone would be lucky to work with her.  I recommend her to all my students.”
Andrew Byrne (Broadway voice teacher)

“Di Ana brings a smile and excitement to my daughter’s face when I tell her she is “seeing Di Ana today,” and that makes all the difference. Well that, and all the great stuff my daughter is learning.”
–Tara Fitzpatrick

“Di Ana is a vessel for learning, loving and living. She inspires me to not only reach out—but also reach in. I’m so grateful for her work!”
– Tony Howell, Client, Colleague + Collaborator

“Di Ana gave my daughters the tools to understand and express the complex feelings in their relationship with each other.  I wholeheartedly believe because of Di Ana, they stopped being adversaries and were able to become friends. 

The biggest parenting lesson I learned from Di Ana is that good behavior; both a child’s and a parent’s can be practiced.  Our morning routine had become a routine of me getting exasperated and yelling at my daughter several times to get her shoes and coat on to leave for school and her barely moving faster than a snail’s pace.  Getting out of the apartment became exponentially easier after my daughter and I “practiced” the happiest morning routine:  I would calmly ask for her to get her shoes and coat on and she would happily comply.  As simple as it seems, after a few days, our “practice” became reality and our mornings became MUCH easier.”
–Suzanne Fine

“Di Ana has this magical ability to hear any challenge we have had with our kids, and to then immediately present us with an out-of-the-box approach to help us work together to meet the challenge. Di Ana has helped us jump quite a few hurdles this way!”
Rachel Branin

“Di Ana is like my daughter’s trusted girlfriend. She just can’t wait to tell her everything! What a privilege for me as a mom to find out what she is really thinking and is concerned about about besides what I know already. Di Ana knows how to interpret everything she says.”
Daiga Chadha

“Di Ana made a precarious situation a sincere pleasure. My children were drawn to her from day one and looked forward to her weekly sessions. So much of what Di Ana taught us all 2 years ago is still very much part of our family vocabulary.”
April Sasick

“Di Ana is very intuitive. Although we have pinpointed specific goals for the girls, Di Ana picks up on subtle issues that come up along the way without me even having remembered to mention them to her and finds a creative way to work through them during their session.  Di Ana’s energy, enthusiasm, creativity and patience make the work fun, and my girls always look forward to their sessions together.”
–Angela Raftery

“Di Ana has an almost voodoo-like ability to get underneath your words to understand what you’re really experiencing.  Her ability to distill the BS from the reality is mind-blowing, and she does so in a loving and objective way.  Helps you start to distill it all yourself.  She is unreal.”
– Jennifer Mintzer

“Working with Di Ana has made me excited for my future. Through our work together she has instilled in me that believing in yourself is key, and when that happens, anything is possible. I am more than my circumstances, good or bad, and I was able to realize that thanks to Di.  Walk, don’t run to a phone to call her now!!”
– Katie DeShaun

“Di Ana has this burning desire to help you grow and change and live the life you want to live.  Nothing is impossible for you in her eyes.  She ignites a fire within you, and all of a sudden you have an action plan to call into your life all that you desire.  After working with Di Ana, I feel empowered and unconditionally loved and supported.”
 – Tara  Bruno

“Di Ana helped me to unlock the truth, reality and confidence I needed to succeed.
– Dominic Sheahan-Stahl

“New worlds opened up when I started working with Di Ana.  There’s no right or wrong, there’s only what’s possible, and there’s Di Ana, who tells you it’s all going to be OK.”
– Kathy Choe

“When I first started working with Di Ana, I had no idea what I wanted out of life – I was very unclear in my direction and who I was and wanted to be. After 3 short months, I felt a shift. Through her honest, loving, soulful guidance and wisdom, I was excited about my future. Three years later, I had a clear focus on what I wanted and felt incredibly grounded in who I was – all because of Di Ana. Working with her was one of the greatest decisions I ever made and I will be eternally grateful. She truly loves her clients and is an absolute treasure!”
– Jessica Miesel

“Di Ana has brought so much awareness into my life and helped me gain perspective.  She has a knack for asking the right questions to get to the root of the matter. She than helps you create a plan to help you achieve your goal. She honestly loves what she does and that makes the difference.”
– Roxy Arrojo