Feel like You Are Doing ((Everything)) to Be a Good Parent and Still Want More for Your Child?
  • “My parents blew up at me over the smallest things. Therefore, I never raise my voice to my child, and I have no rules with my child, because she should be able to express herself in ways that I wasn’t allowed…”
  • “My parents were absent – they were never there when I needed them. So I am absolutely dedicated to being uber present to my child’s every need…”
  • “I think of being a parent like a CEO job. I troubleshoot every problem, anticipate every need, assure nothing goes wrong, even if I’m stressed or anxious in the process…”
  • “My parents fought all the time. So I will never let my children see me have any kind of fight or conflict with my spouse…”

The problem is you are going at parenting the way you were raised (or not raised) and therefore missing a big piece of the puzzle…


The problem is you are going at parenting the way you were raised (or not raised) and therefore missing a big piece of the puzzle…

And so, you worry about how your child will get along in the world as an adult?

What if their failure is all my fault, you think?

Sound familiar?

Well, there is no college for parenting. Every parent does the best with the skill set they have. But I have one question …


But here’s the real secret: this happiness is not just for your child. You deserve this same happiness. And parenting, in my book, is the most important and perhaps most anxiety-inducing of any job so it can be hard to locate that happiness for yourself.

But the truth is …

  • The more you are able to handle anxiety and stress, the less anxious your child will be.
  • The more you can express your needs, the better your child will be at expressing and meeting their own.
  • The more accepting you are of yourself, the easier your child will be on themselves.

Family Legacy engages every member of the family system to strengthen coping skills, communication, and fosters real compassionate connection to…

Question: If you were training for the Olympics, you would have someone in your corner at all times supporting you, right? Someone giving valuable feedback and making sure your game continued to get better, every moment you are learning, growing and expanding because of the support you receive, so you could get the Gold.

But with parenting, you give birth and suddenly you’re expected to be an expert on ((everything)). That the Gold medal should be yours instinctually. But that’s just not the case.

Family Legacy sets you up for success so you tackle challenges efficiently without shame or added guilt; communicate more effectively, gain insights and see what is working and restructure what isn’t, so you thrive as a family.

No two families are the same, so we focus on what your family needs. There is no cookie cutter approach here.

  • Raise a resilient child who approaches life without shame but with self-confidence, empowerment and strength.
  • Understand the legacy that was passed down to you from your own parents; actively decide what you’re willing to change while forgiving the parts that were more challenging so you can move forward with your own family.
  • Learn how to respond rather than react. (This is the parenting superhero power no one is talking about and it’s a game changer!)

The Family Legacy coaching program allows you to take concrete actions forward without the added stress and anxiety.

And the best part? You never have to go at it alone.

You in? We are so excited to have you!

  • Kids: Minimum two coaching sessions per month to work individually with the child in the family home. Additional sessions can be added as needed.
  • Parents: Minimum two coaching sessions each month for their strategy work that take place over the phone
  • Unlimited email to voice challenges and ask questions in real time
  • A minimum six-month commitment is required

Additional sessions are available for:

  • Initial phone call(s) with other experts working with the family to establish continuity
  • Calls with teachers to understand how the child performs at school
  • Reviewing any previously written reports on the children
  • Meeting with caregivers, grandparents, and anyone highly involved in the family system

It is important to know that Family Legacy is a process that empowers the parent to strengthen the family system. The child can be integrated into the work but the parent is key to the success of the process.

No longer will it just be you, trying to figure out how to be the best parent you can be. You’ll have a focused strategy you can actually implement and watch it work.

Ready to start raising happiness?

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