How do you stay in the business until your Betty White’s age?

My college training did not equip me for it. My agents didn’t tell me about it. And my mentors certainly didn’t clue me in nor did they know how to do it for themselves.

After graduating with a BFA from an intense training program, I moved to NYC with an agent and manager right away. Toured my first year, checked off the boxes on all my union cards. Took every class possible to continue growing my craft but there was one thing no one ever taught me.

How to stay in the business when the dream doesn’t go as planned.

Because even when you book Broadway or the TV gig right away, no matter who you are – A-lister or starving artist – we all have the same thing in common. Our timeline is not a perfect as we planned and we all need the skills to keep going, to stay inspired and hopeful, no matter what this business throws at us.

And do it without feeling jaded or giving up in order to cope.

Instead of letting six months go by, waiting for your agent to call, and bitching about the business over a cocktail in Hell’s Kitchen, how can you stay in the driver’s seat of your career?

That’s what The Conscious Creative is all about.

  • Define your focus and tap into your authenticity, so you know exactly what makes you stand out – instead of feeling like the 1,000th brunette they’ve seen today.
  • Weekly action steps to stay motivated and consistently taking steps forward so there is simply no time for self-sabotage.
  • Cultivating a resiliency needed to stay in the game with enthusiasm, including work on personal development, relationships, self-care, and a daily to-do list.

Because your happiness starts with you.

If with each passing year, you still long for certain career markers in order to feel worthy. Or you spend more time comparing yourself to others on Instagram. Or you simply need to learn how to put yourself out there in creative and risky ways besides standing on the “x” and singing 16 bars, then this is so for you.

If you are interested in getting unstuck, smashing limitations, breaking barriers, and creating momentum in your career + life, then I’m happy to be your guide.

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