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Coaching to Create Your Extraordinary Life:

I thought I would be happy when I fell in love, achieved my ideal weight, moved to my favorite NYC hood, was debt free, booked a TV show, etc. Well, it ((all)) happened and guess what?

I was still not happy.

Now some may say that’s ungrateful thinking, and I would say yes and no. Honestly, I didn’t know I was chasing perfection. I had this quiet belief that perfection was the goal and if I could only do better, be greater, then (and only then) would blissful happiness be mine.

But here’s the thing: Achievements don’t guarantee happiness.

We have to dig deep and cultivate our lives, carve it out step by step, learning the things that do create happiness.

Your extraordinary life is waiting for you. You just have to know where to begin.

Begin here…

You want a relationship but finding it feels impossible, and you are still single. You are unfulfilled in your relationship, but don’t know how in the world it could be any different. You want more from your career, but don’t know how to get it. You are a mom and want something in addition to your incredible family, but feel so damn guilty saying that.

The weight of the world is on your shoulders. Sound familiar?

Often, you want to change but it feels unattainable to do it alone. Well, you don’t have to.

I am with you every step of the way.

This deeper work gives you all the resources you need to succeed to keep you moving forward long after we part.

Coaching to create mastery for your loves, your life, and everything in between.

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Because you want your child to have everything you didn’t.
Because you want your child to feel good about themselves.
Because you want your child to be resilient.
Because you want your child to be successful.
Because you want your child to be HAPPY.

For 10+ years I have worked as The Kidz Coach. After years of coaching grown-ups, I said to myself, “Why didn’t someone teach me these tools as a kid?” So I decided to take all of my grown-up messages and “kidify” them so parents could raise successful and HAPPY kids.

After working with many families in NYC, I realized two things:

  • We create our children’s reality.
  • We can give our children the resources to succeed.

You can write your own remarkable history for your child.

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For the next time your child succeeds as a hostage negotiator for more screen time. Or when you witness those social growing pains that break your heart. Or when you lose your temper and feel badly because “Mean Mommy” just possessed your body – and now you’re riddled with guilt….

Listen, you’re a good parent. But the thing is, parenting never ends – and neither does the learning. But who has time to read 28 parenting books, attend an all-day workshop, while taking care of a family and themselves?

(Yes, Mom – you matter, too. Your happiness is a big ol’ must if you want your kid to be successful.)

That’s exactly what The Kid-1-1 is all about.

For families ready to tackle parenting with concrete action steps and serious support. Real strategies to implement for when you feel like throwing in the towel. Because it’s not about epic therapy sessions or day long parenting workshops.

It’s 60 minutes of actually being heard and creating a doable game plan.

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Is this you?

You want to be more confident in your skin but not sure where to start?

You desire change in your body but feel intimidated by the gym or have tried several routines but nothing ever sticks?

You want to find and keep love – a partner to share it all with, but you struggle to put your true self out there and when disappointment happens, you fold and struggle to stay in the game?

In just one month, Love Sweat changed my life. And in typical DiStyle fashion, I’m helping other women do the same…

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