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Make Time For Yourself Today in 2 Steps (Cuban Style)

Let’s get real. I usually respond, “No” (super politely) when asked to switch my routine (also known as “take a break” or as some people call it – “vacation.”) So when I was invited to Cuba with one of my best friends, the no was literally about to come out. Because the last time I left… Read on →

3 Steps for the Kind of Love Your Child Needs Right Now

I have a ton of off-the-charts successful clients, awards out the wazoo, getting into the best schools, landing that dream job. But when life goes south – they are at a loss. And that’s when I realized we have to do better for the next generation. We must raise a generation that can cope. Let… Read on →

Success does not always equal self-worth

The 2-Step Success Process

I was never proud of myself unless something stellar would happen. Then I’d feel on top of the world for a few days. And then back to feeling sh*tty with the success amnesia. And what I realized is that worthiness can be fleeting – vulnerable, if you will – if it isn’t cultivated before the… Read on →