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Turning Wounds into Wisdom

The DiStyle Guide to Starting Over

Two Truths:  I have often stopped new beginnings because I was scared of bad endings. Everyone will hit a point in their life and want to throw in the towel. My crew of amazing women regularly remind me that life starts over when you allow it. My best friends and I...

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Creating a Next Time for Yourself

We are constantly navigating between the highs and lows of our lives. We spend so much time trying to avoid the lows, but they are inevitable. Often, I try to avoid my lows with self-analysis, but it doesn’t work. So I was encouraged this week to stop and just give in...

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Surviving Heartbreak 101

As a coach this statement is so damn true, but as Di Ana it makes me want to jump off the George Washington Bridge. But at the core, I know this statement is true and as I continue on my path of doing it like it “ain't been done” (shout out to Jessie J), I know the...

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Two Quick Tips to Rock Your Beauty

It is time for us to accept all our beauty and just shine bright. And yes, as I write that, I want to vomit with how corny it sounds, but it’s really true. Somewhere within us we recognize part of this but, as human beings, we usually wait for approval or feel more...

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6 Things Happy People Do

I survived the first Mother’s Day (which felt like an epic, personal feat) without my mom. But I am still waiting for her to call and as I grasp the reality that she won’t be calling, I am sad and also relieved because my mom was not happy towards the end of her life....

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Making Your Pain Purposeful

I used to be a wallower. I remember a friend saying to me, "I have no desire to buy a ticket for the Di Ana rollercoaster anymore." And although we are no longer best friends, she gave me my much needed wake up call. And when something triggers you, there is always a...

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From Wounds to Wisdom

I am not about making this blog super dark, but I will start off by saying when a mother dies part of you goes 6 feet under with her. And all other parts are left to grieve and love on the ground above, and that reality sucks. In typical DiStyle and because I am the...

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I Destroyed My Best Friendship

I ended my best friendship via email. Yep, meet me...I am human and flawed, and this was my biggest fail. I regret it daily but I learned from it, immensely. What did I learn? I’m gonna tell ya… My best friend since age 12 - maid of honor in her wedding, godmother to...

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A Second Date: Why I Went to London

Last weekend, I was invited to London...for a second date. Yes, you read that correctly. My friend said, “That is so Sex and the City...” “I think London should happen after we have had sex in the city - New York City - don’t ya think? I mean, what if…?” I quickly...

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