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Turning Wounds into Wisdom

Shift Happens!

I did almost everything single thing on the list below - to myself and others - and what I realized is I was f**ng miserable. They were like little mind magnets - something bad would happen or someone would trigger me and one (or all) of these were in full effect:...

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Gandhi, Me, and Harmony

Yes, Gandhi and that is the most difficult thing in the world!! Meet me, an expert who is human and struggles with this whole harmony thing. And if you know me, you know I’m always working towards my inner Gandhi. Everything this man said makes total sense, right? But...

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The DiStyle Law of Attraction

  I wanted it, but then when it arrived - I freaked out. Let's be honest, my freakout occurred because I never felt worthy enough - the relationship I wanted, the career, the financial security - you name it. And there is an odd darkness that shows up with this...

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The 2-Step Success Process

I was never proud of myself unless something stellar would happen. Then I’d feel on top of the world for a few days. And then back to feeling sh*tty with the success amnesia. And what I realized is that worthiness can be fleeting - vulnerable, if you will - if it...

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