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Where can you discover beauty today?

Me: My mother got a hip replacement and watching the way the nurses care for her is beautiful.

Must Make More

A choice we must make more of-- JOY!

Welcome to the beginning!!

I chose joy and well, this blog happened.

A choice we must make again and again… J – O – Y

I remember a client once saying, “When I was younger, I was filled with so much joy—it was insane. I fell in love so easily and so often. My acting career was non-stop. I remember telling a friend, pinch me my life is too good. Now, I don’t even know who that girl was.”

I asked her, “What changed?”

Her response was that she was wiser now and learned to not be so excited all the time.

To which I replied, “Does getting wiser mean losing joy?”

Here is the long and short: Choose excitement!!! Rumi says it better than me cause well… he’s Rumi. Truth: I used to be the most excited person; fueled by my spirit, bursting with ideas, invincible to disappointment until well…I was disappointed, badly. It resulted in my “cautiousness.”

What made me cautious? That is another blog but what it cost was my J-O-Y. Somewhere along the line I became defensive and determined to never be surprised again. I stopped following what excited me and in turn, I stopped my joy. NO MORE. We must follow what excites us! That’s what creates joy (Rumi agrees).

The Naked Inquiry: I wanna’ know 2 things. (Email me, tweet at me, comment—whatever suits you, but share. It’s part of the philosophy here). See it below.

1) Where have you become “cautious”? #Awareness

2) What excites you? #Sharing

Naked Living = Intention + Awareness + Action + Openness + Sharing


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