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Di Ana Pisarri is a family coach with 15+ years experience focusing on raising resilient, kind and happy children while focusing on what parents need for their family’s success. Di Ana began her practice as a premier coach for some of New York City’s most successful executives and creatives. She quickly learned how much easier it would’ve been to implement these essential tools and skills if people had learned them as children. She then established Family Legacy for families looking for more effective ways to communicate and thrive as a family.

Always a child and family advocate, Di Ana is currently on the board for Broadway Inspirational Voices which works to expand arts education and resources in New York City schools. Di Ana co-founded “Parlor Night” which brings Broadway’s biggest names into homes throughout New York City to raise money the various BIV outreach programs.

She is also the co-founder of 4Good Productions which forged relationships with The Ronald McDonald House and the program Cooking4Good which brings celebrity chefs to House to create community for the families. Along with good friend Cat Greenleaf (host of Talk Stoop), she also helped to expand the Give Your Gift program which works with Green Chimneys and other existing nonprofits to give youth at risk an opportunity for job placement and career mentorship.

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