Invest time with someone who wants to invest.

For so long I invested time with these kinds of people:

  • The toughest nut to crack: they didn’t really like anyone but loved me.
  • The smartest one in the room: I played small so they could stay big.
  • The false promise person: They never did what they said they would, and I made excuses for them all the time (frequent find in the love department).

I had a history of investing time with people who would either find so many flaws in my investment but keep my money for years (with a super low ROI) or have no clue I had money in their damn bank.

“Why can’t love just save the day?” I used to ask, my little sad face looking up to the clouds.

Love does not always save the day.

What I mean is, sometimes you have to love yourself enough to notice it is time to hit the road, Jack. You could be the most amazing human in the universe but if someone doesn’t want to invest the time – let it go!!

Your time matters, too.

So how do you know where to invest your time if you aren’t spending it fixing all the lost souls or chasing around the dude that doesn’t text back?

Ask yourself these 3 key questions first…

  1. Does this person do what they say? Do they show up for you? Your dreams and successes? Or are they too busy worrying about their own stuff?
  2. Does this person make you feel good? Ok, this may sound corny, but choose people that raise you up. Choose the ones that make you feel good. Say bye to the bad – like right now.
  3. Does this person extend kindness to others? Chances are if you grew up with a critical parent, you might be drawn to critical people. But criticism + withholding love are hard, long-term investments with no return and lotsa sadness. Kind to others is key. Pay attention to how they treat the waiter, cab driver, the barista at Starbucks – it all counts.

They don’t teach us in this in school and I so wish they did because it would save us all a lot of heartbreak.

But if you keep this #DiStyle rule of investing with those wanting to invest in you, you will find your time is better spent.

And man, do I love spending time wisely.