“Show up, dive in, stay at it.” ~ Barack Obama

Quick – answer yes or no….

Do you show up? Do you dive in? Do you stay at it?

My answers used to be all no!

The truth is, my inner struggle could reason me out of…

Showing up: I wasn’t ready. I didn’t like the avenues available to me to show up in.

Dive in: I was more of a sidelines gal. Ya’ know  – staying in my coverup and commenting. I most certainly never really got in the “pool” –  just dunked up to my waist here and there.

Stay at it: No, I would switch to something more “fun” or ruminate rather than rinse and repeat.

Now is different but only because I am different.

Here is what I did:

  1. Spot the ways you cope that keep you OUT of the arena. We all have tricky things we tell ourselves: There are no good men out there. I am too old. I don’t know where to begin. I deserve better so this isn’t the time. All these beliefs keep you out of the arena, no matter how you disguise them!
  2. Show up (again and again and again) until you get the result you want for yourself – or you die. Seriously. That sounds dark but the truth, nothing is stopping you but YOU.  “Showing up is 80% of life.” Thank you Woody Allen. I say that regularly to myself and clients.

Spot and understand the ways you cope that keep you out of the arena. #Awareness

Show up – again and again and again.  #Action

“We are the change that we seek”. ~ Barack Obama