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I thought I would be happy when I fell in love, achieved my ideal weight, moved to my favorite NYC hood, was debt free, and booked a TV show. When I achieved it all, I was still not happy.

I had built my life around other people—their expectations of me.

What I didn’t realize was that I was chasing perfection. I had this quiet belief that perfection was the goal and if I could only do better, be greater, then (and only then) would blissful happiness be mine.

But here’s the thing: Achievements don’t guarantee happiness.

I decided to put in the work to find out what I wanted: a job I love, a mate that truly got me, food in my fridge that made me feel healthy, friends who valued my straight talkin’ ways and a life that made me excited to get out of bed each morning.

We have to dig deep and cultivate our lives, carve it out step by step, and discover the things that create true happiness.

I set out to thrive on my own terms, and you deserve the same. Your extraordinary life is waiting for you.

Start here.

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Coaching for Parents and the Kids they Love

After 15+ years of coaching adults, I thought, “Why didn’t someone teach me these tools as a kid?” So I took my grown-up messages and “kidified” them so parents could raise successful and HAPPY kids.

You can write your own remarkable history for your child so you can raise happiness.

Career Coaching for the Creative Artist

How to stay in the business when the dream doesn’t go as planned. Instead of waiting for your agent to call and crying about the business over a cocktail in Hell’s Kitchen, how do you stay without feeling jaded or giving up hope?

Get in the driver’s seat of your career with clarity, action steps, and serious support.

Life Coaching for Amazing Individuals Who Want More

Maybe you want a relationship but finding it feels impossible, or you are unfulfilled in your relationship but don’t know how it could be any different. Do you want more from your career, but it feels unattainable to do it alone?

Coaching to create mastery for your loves, your life, and everything in between.

How to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Kid in 2018

“The first step parents can take towards raising emotionally intelligent children is to understand their own style of dealing with emotions and how that affects their child.” - John Gottman I love me some John Gottman. He goes on to say, “Family life is our first...

The Hardest Part of Parenting (And What to Do About It)

Every day, I get an email with this question: What do I do when my child is ____ ? The parent inserts a frustration or problem they are dealing with. It’s always a totally understandable and relatable problem. Believe me, I get it.   The child hurts, the parent hurts...

How Your Self-Talk Becomes Your Child’s Inner Voice

It breaks my heart when I watch people say self-deprecating things to themselves. And when a child does it, it’s double the pain. Why do we cope by being down on ourselves? What message does that give to a child? Grown-ups can be self-deprecating by nature. Sometimes...

Shift Happens!

I did almost everything single thing on the list below - to myself and others - and what I realized is I was f**ng miserable. They were like little mind magnets - something bad would happen or someone would trigger me and one (or all) of these were in full effect:...

Gandhi, Me, and Harmony

Yes, Gandhi and that is the most difficult thing in the world!! Meet me, an expert who is human and struggles with this whole harmony thing. And if you know me, you know I’m always working towards my inner Gandhi. Everything this man said makes total sense, right? But...

Di Ana is in the trenches with you. It is what differentiates her from the fluff. She heads off any kind of voyeurism by pointing the finger (in a totally non-aggressive way) back at the reader. That’s the really skillful bit. The reader becomes the hero in her story by encouraging them to re-write the next chapter. We can only do that after we’ve stripped ourselves down, and accepted vulnerability; learning to bend rather than break. Lao Tzu meets Marina Abramovic via John Cassavetes. An exercise in pure nakedness. It’s alchemical, real, and compelling in an utterly modern way.

Tony Eddicott

Live Love Mastery Client

There is nothing small about what Di Ana holds for you.  With clarity and warmth, she marries intuition and very practical solutions seamlessly and successfully.  For those in search of a way to move forward in a deep (and I think lasting) way, Di Ana’s your gal.  No matter how crafty the messages to compromise or bailing on a dream sound, Di Ana won’t back down—in the nicest and most reliable way.

Kate Goehring

Live Love Mastery Client

Di Ana has been working with my daughter (Ali) since she was 17 months old. My daughter is now 15.  Di Ana has not only been an excellent coach for Ali, she also has been able to guide Ali through the various stages of her life providing her with advice, wisdom, and encouragement. Di Ana proved to be the one person Ali turns to when she needs to talk TO SOMEONE SHE CAN TRUST. Di Ana is her educator, friend, and sage. She has helped shape Ali into the kind, respectful, curious, and talented young girl she is today.

Laura Slatkin

Family Legacy Client

Without Di Ana, I truly feel I would never have been able to even scratch the surface of what I am capable of. At the same time, she is gently peeling away layers of sadness; low self esteem, past mistakes, and fear to find the core of who you truly are. She challenges you to go outside the box. I have been given such a gift to be able to have someone walk beside me on this crazy, insane journey to adulthood. And I promise you Di provides an amazing, gentle, and beautiful road to that change.

Marisa Fratto

Conscious Creative Client

Di Ana Pisarri

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